Islamic Awareness Week

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“God is kind, and loves kindness in all things –Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him”

Peace be upon you! The Islamic Society of UCC is proud to present our annual Islamic Awareness Week! This year we hope to just gather and tie down everyone to the thing that matters most as humans which is “Humanity”.

So many crimes done against humanity these days that would make it hard for us to believe if humanity does still exist. But, yes, humanity does exist and it lies in you and all of us.

We’ve lots of fun and educational activities lined up. Don’t forget to check out our exhibition, and for the ladies, we have special hijab and henna trying booths! We will also be inviting Sheikh Abdur Raheem McCarthy, an Irish born Muslim, to give a talk regarding Islam and humanity. As always, our aim is to create a better understanding of Islam and its believers. We welcome you to ask any question you like, and we’ll do our best to answer them. God willing, we’ll see you there!