Summer Camp 2017

Welcome from the Societies Officer-

As Societies Officer here at University College Cork , I am delighted to welcome you to the UCC Societies Summer Camp 2017 now in its sixth year. Our camp provides a wonderful opportunity for young people to experience what life is really like at University in addition to getting a taste on what our Societies have to offer students.

The camp is run exclusively on UCC campus  from 19th June until 4th August for teenagers between 12 and 16 years old. Students will undertake four different modules during the week under the guidance of our qualified module instructors and at the end of the week all participants receive a t-shirt and certificate of attendance.

Check out the modules of our Summer Camp 2017 along with information on how to book!

David O Leary

Summer Camp Modules for 2017 

Drama & Theatre 

The drama module aims to give the students a chance to write, direct and star in their own play in the most enjoyable way possible. The beginning of the week will be focused on everyone getting to know each other through warm-up games and having fun with some improvisation games. This is to get everyone thinking about what kind of play they’d like to put on. Once everyone is thinking creatively, we’ll start piecing together a play that the students themselves help write so that every week each play is different. If students are not particularly interested in acting, they’re more than welcome to get more involved in the writing, sound design, costumes, or anything else drama-related that might interest them. There will be something for everyone!

IT & Web Design  

In this module students will have the opportunity to create their very own website about a topic of their choice. To begin, students will be given a basic introduction into HTML coding and CSS. Over the course of the week students will be shown how to add components such as, pictures, videos, blogs and even a game to their website. Our instructors will also demonstrate how to customise these components and experiment with fonts, colours and styles. Emphasis will be put on the value of design, and the importance of paying attention to the ‘look and feel’ when building a website. By the end of the week, all students should have a personalised fully functioning website that they can be proud to show to their family and friends. Students will be taught all of the basic skills necessary should they wish to continue coding after the camp….and perhaps become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Guardians of the Environment

In this module students are taught about how climate change and humans carbon footprint and what impact this plays on the environment. Activities such as building an igloo out of waste plastic bottles and building ones own bee house frame which can be decorated and designed by the students. Students will also visit UCC’s community garden with opportunities to make garden decorations from waste and recycling materials as well as exploring ones creative side through paperless leaf art. The aim of the modules is to empower young people in a fun setting on how their daily habits can have a positive impact on the environment.


The Music module explores music theory and the practises and possibilities music provides with a huge emphasis on the performance and fun associated with music. The aim of this module is to be fun, engaging and instil confidence in the participants through interactive games such as air guitar competition, scavenger hunts and learning body percussion. Students will also have the opportunity to re-mix their favourite musical tracks on digital software and add/alter the musical tracks to their own tastes. At the end of the week they will have an opportunity to showcase some of their work if they want at the “Friday Showcase”.



19th – 23rd June €100
26th – 30th June €100
3rd – 7th July €100
10th – 14th July €100
17th – 21st July €100
24th – 28th July €100
31st July – 4th August €100

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact:

Phone: (021) 4902475

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