The UCC Philosophical Society is the oldest debating society in Munster, and its successes are continuing on 16 years after its formation.

Current Philosoph chairperson, Caoimhe Meaney, represented the society at two Scottish competitions, the Edinburgh Women’s Open and Edinburgh Cup with great success.

Judging at the Edinburgh Women’s Open, Caoimhe qualified to judge the grand final of the competition, one of the highest achievements a judge can accomplish at a debating competition.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Cup with Edinburgh student Tim Squirrell, Caoimhe debated in 5 rounds about a wide array of subjects, ranging from Scotland’s future in a post-Brexit world to the responsibility of progressive religious individuals to stand by these beliefs regardless of what their religious texts say on the matter. In their endeavors, Caoimhe and Tim earned 12 of the available 15 team points across the rounds, and qualified to the semi-finals as the second best team of the competition.

Tim and Caoimhe also achieved the rankings of 5th and 7th best speakers at the competition respectively.
While they unfortunately didn’t reach the final, we’re happy to say that UCC debating is still alive and well with more successes to come in the future.