Community Engagement


– We went to Regina Mundi where we took 3 groups (4-6 year) and gave them a low down on science in college including BIS, Biological and Chemical Sciences, Maths and Engineering. We also had 2 reps from Johnson and Johnson to come along to show life after the degree.
– We have carried out google coding classes where we have girls trained up on coding and how to Code for Kids at primary level. They then went out and gave classes with a rep from google. We received amazing feedback!
– We have volunteers who go to McAfee to teach Coder Dojo every week. This year they will take a crash course in coding in UCC for every volunteer. We received amazing feedback from parents and everyone was a credit to UCC.
– We will be doing workshops with Vodafone with second level kids.
– iWish –  we have created a very strong network with the founders of the organisation and have a good relationship. It is held in city hall and Dublin each year and we do promotion for them . So much so a girl from second year BIS won the opportunity to go to America on an externship from this. Some students are already aware of WiSTEM from meeting us at iWish too. “IWISH is an initiative to inspire, encourage and motivate young female students to pursue careers in Science, Tecnology, Engineering and Maths. STEM can change our world. We have so many world problems to solve – food shortage, climate change, pollution, ageing population. These will be solved through STEM if you help us harness the power of thousands of girls to shape a better world.”
– Over the Summer, Lauren, our Chairperson did workshops with u12-u14 Camogie teams about sport and stem which was fantastic and this initiative will be continued. Lauren made this as interactive as possible and kept everything to their level which really helped in their understanding. Lauren gave everyone a little sticky notebook and pen where they  could write their answers and stick them on the wall to keep it fun.