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Week 1

No more Error 404: Learn Code with Netsoc Monday 15th 18:00  
How to Scribble with Charcoal Monday 15th 19:00 Zoom

First Aid with Louise Dennison O’Shaughnessy 19:00
Public Speaking Workshop Tuesday 16th 17:00 
Learn to Stitch While You Bitch Tuesday 16th 18:00 Zoom 
ANND breathe.. Relax While Streching Tuesday 16th 19:00 Zoom

How to Change the World Wednesday 17th 17:00
Skills to Save a Life Wednesday 17th 18:00 Google Meets 

Learn to play Tin Whistle 6pm
Lámh is in the Air Wednesday 17th 19:00 
The Vegan Essentials Thursday 18th 17:00 
Exploring Innovation and Entrepreneurship Thursday 18th (Speaker) 18:00 
To infinity and beyond: Learn to Stargaze Thursday 18th 19:00 
Podcasting 101 Thursday 18th 18:00 
Virtual sign language workshop Friday 19th 18:00
Chopsticks 101 Friday 19th 19:00

Week 2

How to make Froggy Earrings Monday 22nd 17:00 Zoom 
How to make the Perfect Cuppa (to Fuel Your Social Justice Chats) Monday 22nd 18:00 
Data Analysis for Dummies Workshop Monday 22nd 19:00 
Learn to Speak Irish with An Chuallacht & An Cumann Drámaíochta Tueday 23rd 17:00 
Guitar 101: Learn to play Wonderwall Tuesday 23rd 18:00
sKooting around Korea: Public Transport Tuesday 23rd 19:00 
Musical Maestros, Learn to Conduct Wednesday 24th 18:00 Zoom 

Learn to play Tin Whistle 18:00

How to Make Your Own Stress Ball Wednesday 24th 19:00 Zoom
Upstyle Your Old Clothes w/ The Useless Project Wednesday 24th 19:00 Zoom 
Animal Origami Thursday 25th 18:00 Teams 
Soapboxing 101 Thursday 25th 19:00 Zoom 
Looking after you: Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Self-Care Techniques Friday 26th 18:00 Zoom 
How to Survive in Russia Friday 26th 19:00