Schedule Of Allowances 15/16

Schedule of Allowances 2015/16

All funding is at the discretion of the Societies’ Guild Executive. The figures and advice below is an outline and is aimed to be used as a guide throughout the year when making a finance application. Regardless of this document, applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. This document may be updated throughout the year.

Types of Applications

  • Special Project Applications (email – deadline 2nd of October and 1st December)
  • Event Applications (online portal)
  • Equipment Applications (online portal)

What does each type of application cover?

  1. Event Applications

Event Applications are for any event your society wishes to host. This now includes certain ticketed events (see section below for details) workshops, guest speakers, society trips, intervarsity’s etc.

  1. Equipment Applications

Equipment Applications are for any equipment the society wishes to purchase. This includes society specific equipment, banners, society publications, membership cards, trophies etc.

  1. Special Project Application

Special Projects Applications are to fund a number of events not normally funded by the Societies Guild Executive, for example, conference organisation etc. All applications will be considered on a case by case basis and the applications must be submitted by e-mail to the Finance Officer and President. Applications are expected to be heavily detailed and justified and must also contain a future funding plan if it is to become an annual event. The deadline for the Special Projects applications is the 2nd of October and 1st of December. No Special Project applications submitted after this date will be considered.

  1. Non-competitive trips abroad

This is a new addition to the types of applications. It is an attempt to accommodate societies travelling abroad for non-competitive events and will be similar to the special projects application. The application process will be competitive, in that the top 5 (approx.) proposals will be successful. No society will receive more than €5,000. In the interest of fairness, only societies who will not compete abroad may apply for this funding.

To apply, each society must put together a proposal including the details of the event and the benefit to members and send it to by the 2nd of October. To be eligible to apply, the non-competitive event abroad must occur in the second semester of the year. The proposal must include the on-campus activity that the society will hold in the first semester in their attempt to engage members. If the society events in the first semester are not completed, the Guild Executive may withdraw the funding for the event abroad.

What a society must do in return for non-competitive trip abroad:

Start of Year Grant

The Start of Year Grant is intended to get a Society off the ground and up and running for the year. Societies who have less than €500 in their account will have their balance topped up to €500. Any society with €500 or more will not receive a start of the year grant and may spend the retained funds in their society accounts to pay for their start of year expenses.

This may be appealed if the society has a certain amount of funding saved for a particular event or certain equipment. Simply send an e-mail before 5th September to with GRANT APPEAL in the subject heading. Any appeals after this date will not be considered.

The Grant can essentially be spent on whatever a society wishes (see list below) but as with all money spent, receipts must be kept and handed in to the office.

What can I spend my grant on?

  • Freshers Fest/Societies Day/Meeting refreshments – sweets, baking, non-alcoholic beverages etc.
  • Administration Costs – committee folders, pens, committee phone credit,etc.
  • Membership Development/Promotional Material – pens/keyrings/fridge magnets/t-shirts etc.





Each society is obliged to submit a budget at the beginning of the academic year. The budget deadline is the 18th of September. NO applications will be considered until a budget has been submitted. A budget from each society is extremely important for the financial planning of the Societies’ Guild Executive for the year. There is a budgets section on the online portal where you MUST submit your budget. E-mailed budgets will not be accepted.

No society is guaranteed the total funds they apply for in the budgets. Following all budgets being submitted, the finance committee will decide on an allocated amount for your society and will advise you of this within a few weeks. According to the Strategic Plan, no society will receive more than 8% of the overall Societies Guild Budget.

Please note, budgets do not have to be strictly adhered to. They are aimed at being a guideline for the Societies’ Guild Executive.

How do I make a Finance Application?

Finance Applications must be submitted through the online portal initially, unless it is a Special Project application or a non-competitive trip abroad. The Societies Guild Executive may ask for further details on a finance application which then may be e-mailed in.

Finance Applications MUST be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the event happening / equipment being bought. In case of an emergency, monies may be spent with permission from the Finance Officer and/or President. Both are available on e-mail/mobile throughout the day so there are no excuses. A retrospective application MUST be made in these cases.

Retrospective applications (except in the case outlined above) or finances spent without seeking approval will not be refunded to the society.

When making an application, ensure you have found the best prices for everything; accommodation and transport especially. Please do not hesitate to seek assistance in these cases as it is extremely easy to get caught out with expenses.

After you have made the application, please wait for approval before publicising/ spending/booking/ordering anything. As stated above, each application should be made at least two weeks in advance so there should be no problems. In the case of big trips/intervarsity’s/large scale events, I would advise the application be made well in advance as there may be questions/queries which may delay its approval.

These rules exist to ensure that the Finance Committee is not forced to make a decision and provide funds that are not available.

After my application has been approved, how soon can I spend the money?

Once the application has been approved on the portal you can choose to spend the money by requesting a cheque or doing an online transfer.

Ticketed Events

Ticketed events as a general rule should not require funding and the money collected from ticket sales should cover all the costs of the event, however (with the exception of balls/parties/receptions etc.) funding may be applied for where the event may not break even, ie. shows/concerts/gigs etc. All applications are at the discretion of the Guild Executive.

Any profits made from the event MUST be returned to the Societies Guild Executive to the maximum of what was granted. Any profits after that may be kept for the society. For example, if the Guild fund a ticketed event the sum of €500, and the event makes profit of €600, we take back the €500 and the society can keep the €100.

As always, the decision of what kind of ticketed events to fund, is at the discretion of the Societies Guild Executive and we may consider an event inappropriate to fund regardless of the details above.

If funding is granted for a ticketed event, it is compulsory for a financial report to be completed on the finance portal. If not completed, further funding will not be granted to the society.

Charitable Events

The Societies Guild Executive does not fund charitable events. The cost of the event must be covered by the monies raised before donating proceeds. The funding for charitable activities will be limited to re-usable capital materials only.

For major charitable events please contact the guild executive so that we can outline exactly what we will and won’t fund. We can also help you source materials.

Examples of Events, Equipment & Funding Limits

Guest Speakers, Workshops (Event) & Conferences

Outlined below are the general costs we will cover.


  • €70 – speaker from Ireland, outside of Cork city.
  • €20 – speaker from Cork city.

Funding for international speakers will be decided on a case-by-case basis


  • Maximum €110 per one night.

Speaker/Facilitators Fees

This will be decided on a case by case basis. If it is a particularly expensive fee, we advise trying to collaborate with another society.


Dinners with the speaker/facilitator will be funded to a maximum of €120 for the speaker and committee members. This can also be used for catering at an event such as a breakfast for speakers before a conference. If it is used for catering for an event then it can’t be used for a dinner.

Tokens of Appreciation:

In a case where the speaker/facilitator is not charging a fee for the event, a token of appreciation to the maximum of €30 may be given to the speaker/facilitator.

Updated Society Trips Policy (Event)

Campaigns (Events)

Campaigns, other than election campaigns or referenda, can be applied for. For example, mental health week etc.

Society Publications (Equipment)

When a society publication cannot be printed in the Hub, a society can apply for a maximum of €500 per society publication.

Please note, this does not include posters, flyers, etc. A society publication is considered a large publication, for example, a magazine or information booklet.

Websites (Equipment)

The Societies Guild Executive have a web hosting domain available to societies for free through If this domain simply cannot be used, a society may apply for a maximum of €60 a year for website hosting or maintenance.

Banners (Equipment)

Each society is allowed €150 each year to purchase a banner. Only purchase a new banner if the current one is not usable.

This fund may be used to buy a banner for a perpetual event and it must not contain dates or sponsors. This will only be funded if the event has happened in previous years.

Each banner purchased must last for a minimum of 3 years and the society must seek repair in the case of it breaking.


The guild may fund 50% of clothing for certain activities, particularly with regard to health and safety (t-shirts to highlight instructors when teaching kids), to a maximum of €150 per society. Each application is considered on a case by case basis.



Trophies (Equipment)

Perpetual trophies which will remain with the society and be given out year on year to members may be applied for, as well as the costs incurred on a yearly basis for engraving. There is a limit of €200 for trophies and of €30 for engraving in any one year.

Listed above are some of the most applied for examples, and any other events and equipment may be applied for.


Handling Cash

In general, most societies will have cash to deal with throughout the year, whether it is for a ball, a gig or a table quiz, etc. All money must be lodged into the societies account through the campus Bank. This is to avoid cash going missing and an individual getting blamed for it, etc. Once the cash has been lodged, it is still the societies own money and can still be used for whatever its original purpose was. You just need to write a cheque to use the money. It is an extremely simple request. If it is found out that there is cash being used that is not going through the accounts, there will be implications regarding further funding for the society.

What do we NOT fund?

Please note, the list below is not exhaustive, but it includes most of the applications that have previously been denied;

  • Alcohol & food for members.
  • Days out for members – bowling/activities etc.
  • Donations – including charitable
  • Political subscriptions
  • Election campaigns
  • Society clothing (with exception to that mentioned above) – hoodies/t-shirts/suit allowances etc. (You may spend the grant on this, however you cannot apply for funding for clothing)
  • Mystery tours, balls, AGM parties etc.
  • Prizes for quizzes/competitions.

As you can see, the schedule has guidelines for all the different types of applications, and should be your primary source for what we will and will not fund. However, the guild members are always available to discuss any queries you may have.

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