Week 1 – Sept 13th 2021

Society Event Title Day Date Time Platform Sign Up Link
Week 1
Translational Medicine Soicety Welcome Night Monday September 13th 5:00 pm Blended https://forms.gle/S3M6hsUKgMY3QdW26
Enactus Monday Introduction Monday September 13th 6:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/aARCfG5nUFZoi64G8
Dramat Society Dramat Watch Party Monday September 13th 6:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/SzDoTqay747MBP7t8
Psychological Society Mind Yourself Now!: Self-Care Techniques with Psych Soc Monday September 13th 7:00 pm Blended https://forms.gle/h127hb6JyHMPfCaG6
Physics and Astrophysics Pop-Up Telescope (Weather Dependent) Monday September 13th 8:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/vaUnCnSMsS8ACHp1A
Chemistry Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Stand Tuesday September 14th 12pm or 1pm In-person
An Chuallacht Biongó leis an gCuallacht Tuesday September 14th 5:00 pm Blended https://forms.gle/CAvS4LztNc3VjEmG8
Clinical Therapies Society Learn Lámh with Clinical Therapies Tuesday September 14th 6:00 pm Blended https://forms.gle/McYJnv3jLx16thTD7
Macra Society Info Night and Bingo Tuesday September 14th 7:00 pm Online https://forms.gle/639oSbRT9CYsRfxE6
International Development Society The In’s and Out’s of Int Dev – A Panel Discussion Tuesday September 14th 7:00 pm Online https://forms.gle/2BHiDGNuE1dPwbRH9
E&S Society Iron Stomach Wednesday September 15th 1:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/XPhyzWfyGW1AvXEr6
Choral Society Speed Choir Wednesday September 15th 5:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/ainybKMkYanSLNnT6
Enviromental Society Poster Painting for Climate Change Wednesday September 15th 6:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/1Hpv5N5am8ouQTme6
Dental Society Mouth Cancer Awareness Day Wednesday September 15th 6:00 pm Blended https://forms.gle/xDALNPnBsbubULCv8
Engineering Society Experimental Engineering Wednesday September 15th 7:00 pm Blended https://forms.gle/GdMhPxRUzLokj53Z7
Internatoinal Relations Introduction to Model UN: Zombie Crisis! Wednesday September 15th 7:00 pm Blended https://forms.gle/1e84RZwMvoPH5fEL9
Christian Union Photo Challenge Thursday September 16th 12:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/tRzgvxGQp5RNiUCQA
An Cumann Dramaíochta Searáidí leis an gCumann Dramaíochta/ Charades with the Cumann Dramaíochta Thursday September 16th 5:00 pm Blended https://forms.gle/MBPXup4YX6nG2fMk8
LQBTQ Society Gaymes Night Thursday September 16th 6:00 pm Online https://forms.gle/MWu1S7JyL9TCLxyH8
Music Society Open Mic Thursday September 16th 6:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/3gUaMpSwVrPNpq798
Slavic Society Slavic Legends Turned Sci-Fi Thursday September 16th 7:00 pm Online https://forms.gle/WSKz5MTZtxkrCHrg7
Feminist Society Sleepover Club – Movie Night – Little Women Thursday September 16th 7:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/A3WJUDntN2jZosmE9
South East Asia Society Taste of East Asia Friday September 17th 6:00 pm In-person https://forms.gle/eVUi2VH6CKkTqKkn9
Young Fine Gael Disability in Ireland and how politics can make changes for the better Friday September 17th 7:00 pm Online https://forms.gle/6wpRgYK53jPvbhmt7